DAF offers EcoDrive+ Training throughout Europe. The interactive training program teaches drivers of new DAF trucks how to get the most out of the systems in the vehicle. The result: a significant reduction in fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs and happy drivers.

Delivery of a new DAF LF, CF or XF is always carried out with a comprehensive description of the characteristics of the car. After everything is explained and the keys are delivered, the driver also receives a coupon for the DAF EcoDrive+ Training program. This coupon is valid for six months, and the driver can use it to attend an intensive one-on-one training session in his own truck. Training is provided by an instructor trained and certified by the DAF.

Maximum performance from each drop of diesel

Pascal Hochstenbach from the DAF Driver Academy explains: “Each new DAF truck has multiple systems that provide a more efficient, safer and comfortable ride. Some of these systems are optional. You can get maximum performance from each drop of diesel only when you know how to use them.”

Less wear and tear

Knowing how to use the engine brake and systems such as an adaptive october stabilizer correctly gives the additional advantage of less wear and tear on the brakes, while systems such as ACC and AEBS help improve road safety. Hochstenbach: “Also, drivers who know their trucks literally get much more pleasure from driving their trucks. This makes the DAF EcoDrive+ Training program valuable in terms of getting the value of the time spent.”

10% more efficient

The EcoDrive+ Training program usually takes one day to complete and includes both theoretical and applied training. “Our drivers participating in the training program use their trucks at least 10% more efficiently. An impressive return on investment,” notes Marek Gunia, Transport Director of the SINKING company in Poland. “I also noticed a significant reduction in the damage to my vehicles. EcoDrive+ improves the skills of drivers and their knowledge of various vehicle systems. This, in turn, allows my drivers to do their job better and makes them noticeably happier when doing their job.”


This training is offered as standard to drivers with a new DAF truck in various locations, including France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Depending on local Covid-19 measures, DAF will further expand its EcoDrive+ Training program throughout Europe in the near future.

DAF Trucks Turkey gives a special driver training voucher (free of charge) only to Turkish customers for each truck purchased in 2020!!