For men, women, children, sports enthusiasts, employees, and for daily use. DAF Trucks is the 90th edition of DAF for a wide fan base. it introduced a brand new collection of products, including a series celebrating its anniversary. New collection, he took his place in the DAF online store at the address.

It is convenient, stylish and extremely high-quality. Just like trucks, this new DAF Collection, designed specifically for DAF, also has these outstanding features.

An Eye-Catching Heritage Collection
Blue decoration with a brand new series; for men and women, stylish and practical clothes (shirts, jackets, hats), bags, sunglasses, watches and accessories such as key chains, such as DAF DAF unique as well as include leather products that are just as beautiful as it is sturdy. A special collection is also offered to children, which includes clothes, hats, plush toys and baby products, as well as a special umbrella, a hat and a limited-edition watch, as well as a 90-year-old DAF Heritage collection.

Miniature of DAF A1600
DAF, of course, also offers a comprehensive series of miniatures of its latest generation trucks. This carefully prepared series includes dump trailers, low loaders, trucks with fixed chassis, trailers with storage and tow trucks. Especially eye-catching among them are the Dec:50 model of the classic DAF A1600 and the Limited XF 90. The Anniversary Edition truck is available in three colors.