DAF is at the forefront of the development and sale of all-electric trucks. Field working tests of the first CF Electric models began in 2018 with Dutch and German customers. Then the second generation, equipped with new software and a new control panel, went on sale last year.

Tow truck and truck
DAF CF Electric is ideal for zero emissions and quiet use in urban areas in applications such as general distribution requirements, product supply to supermarkets and waste collection. DAF currently offers the CF Electric as a 4×2 tow truck (GCW: 37 tons) and as a front-rear axle 6×2 truck (GVW: 28 tons), driven for maximum maneuverability.

Proven and reliable technology
The latest generation of CF Electric vehicles has been developed taking into account the proven reliability and user-friendly characteristics of previous generations. A lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 350 kWh (315 kWh effective capacity) has been added to the current generation. The new battery group, in addition to being more powerful, is much lighter. Its weight has decreased by 700 kg. This reduction directly means more load capacity.

The battery is embedded in the gel, so its temperature always remains between 25-40 Dec Celsius, regardless of the weather conditions. Thus, the durability and consistent performance level of the battery pack are supported.

500 Kilometers per day with electric power
Thanks to the increased capacity of the battery group, which retains the same dimensions, CF Electric now has a range of more than 200 kilometers, which is twice as high as in previous generations. The process of fully charging the battery is usually carried out in the main center of the truck and takes about 75 minutes using a charging station with a capacity of 300 kilowatts.

If the battery is recharged during loading/unloading or when the driver takes a break, it is possible to drive 500 kilometers per day with electric power only when using DAF CF Electric. This is very advantageous in terms of the productivity and efficiency of the truck.

Specific recommendations on the purchase and use
The use of electric vehicles requires a special approach of the customer. For this reason, DAF offers support to its customers through advanced route simulation models to help them create the most efficient plan for their vehicles. He also gives useful advice on how to charge the battery intelligently and efficiently. In addition, DAF also offers recommendations on the optimal charging infrastructure in October with certain suppliers, such as VDL.

On sale in September
The extended-range CF Electric will be available in September, and delivery is expected to begin in the first months of 2021.

“An important step forward”
Ron Borsboom, DAF Product Development Manager, said, “The new CF Electric strengthens our leading position in electric road transport with its longer range. This truck was developed on the basis of the growing demand for improving air quality and reducing CO2 emissions in our cities. 500 Kilometers per day on electric power alone is quite convenient for transport operators.” he says.