DAF Trucks was awarded the “Incentive Trophy” for proactively protecting its employees from welding fumes and other hazards at work. The award was presented by the Dutch Lung Association (LAN) and the RPS to the company, which is considered to have played an important role in the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases that occur at work.

Every year more than three thousand people in the Netherlands lose their lives due to the harmful substances that they are exposed to while working. The LAN and engineering consulting firm RPS Nederland aims to reduce this situation, which causes five times more deaths from road accidents by increasing the safety awareness of employees and employers. It is planned to give awards every year starting from 2020 through the common information platform “Opgelucht” (“Relief”), which is also used for this purpose.

Protection against welding fumes
This year the owner of the “Incentive Trophy” became DAF thanks to his attitude towards protecting his workers from gases, fumes and particles released during welding and soldering operations, in general, welding fumes. Inhalation of these fumes can cause chronic diseases such as lung disease. According to DAF, this is a sufficient reason for continuous investment in the latest vehicles, the best ventilation systems, a safe working environment and employee training.

Meticulous monitoring of air quality
LAN and RPS also praised DAF for its meticulous monitoring of welding fumes. Meticulous monitoring of the process due to the fact that regular measurements in ventilation systems as well as between them that allows you to constantly check whether it is working properly using various tools, including a special control panel of employees involved in the processes that they are monitoring.

“This attitude of the DAF deserves to be taken as an example”
The main reason why DAF was awarded this award is the methods they use to deal with welding fumes. According to the information platform “OPGELUCHT”, this attitude of the DAF regarding security deserves to be taken as an example by everyone. Each department at the factory has its own “Security Leaders”. These people are entrusted with the task of guiding colleagues on safe behavior and testing working procedures with new protective equipment. Also here the production staff is able to start working only after correctly answering a number of safety questions. Employees are effectively encouraged to monitor the safety of themselves and their colleagues and report dangerous situations or possible accidents by following an automated procedure.

“Get home safely”
Jos Habets, Operations Manager and board member of DAF Trucks, said, “This award is a result of the efforts made by everyone at DAF to keep our workplace as safe as possible. There is also a good reason why we are constantly investing in new equipment, tools and processes: there is nothing more important at DAF than the safe return of our employees to their homes at the end of the day.”