In today’s video, I drive our semi-truck full of malt barley from our Montana farm to a commercial grain elevator right by the Canadian border. This is a 75-mile drive for me and I had a few challenges. It was very hot and dry and my Dad did a great job coaching me. The trailer is full of barley and we had to get it there before the elevator closed. We had to go up some big, long hills and we got slowed down by road construction. I learned that the semi-truck can’t roll back at the railway crossing or bad things can happen. Dad had to help me out a few times and I appreciate that. Our temperature warning came on again. I saw Darcy driving his red semi-truck. I pulled up to the elevator and it was a lot smaller place to dump the grain than I am used to. I had to back the semi-truck up. Barley dust is really itchy!!! I learned a lot today. Driving a semi-truck is not easy and I really have a lot of respect for truckers because they have a hard job!!!!!! I think I even got my Dad to smile at the end!!!! Thank you so much for watching my video!! Remember to like and subscribe to see more of my videos! I really appreciate all your support and encouragement.