As part of its autonomous field project, where it demonstrated its technology leadership, Scania received permission to test self-driving trucks on the E 4 highway between Södertälje and Jönköping cities in Sweden.

Autonomous Scania vehicles will enter commercial service with the Scania Transport Laboratory and will transport the necessary materials for production operations.

The tests are conducted to cover technology according to level 4 on the 5-point SAE scale for autonomous vehicles. This means the trucks are driven autonomously but will be supervised by a driver for safety reasons. It will also hire a test engineer during Scania’s tests to monitor and verify the information transmitted to the truck from the sensors enabling the autonomous requirement. Scania’s autonomous test on the public highway with cargo will be a first in Europe.

Scania first started its fully loaded autonomous vehicle operations in Singapore port in 2017 to be developed in case of need. In these studies, containers were transported between port terminals in Singapore with autonomous vehicles from 4 Scania trucks.