Talk about badass Peterbilt!

You got to see this Big Rig Spotlight with Vince Lombardi and his unbelievable super Peterbilt #bigrigs #customtrucks #dieselpower #dreamrides #lifeontheroad #welovetrucks #superrigs #largecars #truckingusa #customrigs #workingtrucks


Outstanding! How fantastic would it be if all long distance runners could have such comfort on the road? Of course there’s details that we might change to make the living space suit ourselves, but overall that is one incredible machine. It would make bein’ a high miler or even a team so much better.
Sweet Rig, the sleeper is epic size and chassis looks compact. The only thing I would have altered for myself if sleeper would be custom made is that instead of a side door I’d try squeeze in a washing machine. Then it would be complete home on wheels.
Undoubtedly the “Shack” these folks reside.. awesome Stop by Mina Nevada where the bearded are not always women
Exterior is a little plain to me… so many artistic options for that huge canvas… maybe a family mover/modern stagecoach theme… I think some black or gray carbon fiber accents on those fenders would look sweet… or leave it as is and makeover with it!! 🇺🇸